Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Principal Zucker Completes Habitat for Humanity Efforts in NM

MARCH 26, 2014
"We are participating on the last build of the season in Las Cruces. I can see why. Already, the wind is picking up and the air is so thick with dust that we can't even see the beautiful mountains that surround the city. Our crew of fifteen workers and two leaders is busily putting the final touches on four houses, including trim, cabinets, and blinds, along with grading and landscaping the yards. The houses are all in a row, so we " commute" from one to the next. All of the same design, the houses consist of three bedrooms, two baths and an open "great room". They are modest, 1,100 square foot designs that have mostly been built by volunteer labor. The work is not too demanding, yet we are still sore at the end of the day, and are glad that the municipal pool (with showers) is only a couple of blocks away!